The story of Lavana Wholefoods

I should have been over the moon.

I had reached the pinnacle of corporate success, but I felt as if something was missing.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job and my clients, but I knew there was more to life than promotions, cars and nice holidays.

As I was climbing the corporate ladder, it was getting harder and harder to find the time to cook nutritious food and I could feel my health deteriorating because of it.

I knew there had to be a better way and I knew that I couldn’t be the only one experiencing this.

I kept on working hard and pushing that feeling down until I saw Phillip Wollen speak at World Vegan Day.

Phillip is a renowned vegan philanthropist, activist and investor, and I was so deeply moved by his speech that it compelled me to take action and align my career with my life purpose, my values and vision.  

Now was the time for me to take action for the benefit of animals, the environment we share and people’s health.

So out of a deep passion to create a more compassionate and healthy world Lavana Wholefoods was born.

I embarked on this new adventure with an overwhelming desire to make the world a better place for the animals.

Slowly but surely, over the next 10 months things came together and we launched Lavana Wholefoods in August.  

Then at World Vegan Day 2015, exactly one year after that life altering speech, we were exhibitors and Lavana Wholefoods was not just a dream anymore, it was a reality!! I wasn’t just a bystander, I was a business owner transforming the way people consume food.


The Lavana Philosophy

Here at Lavana we believe that the food you choose to eat has the power to nourish your body, mind and soul. You no longer have to sacrifice taste for health; here you can have it all. Every single meal is created with nutrition and holistic wellness in mind.

Say goodbye to hours of researching recipes, trying to find the right ingredients and slaving over a hot stove, we’ve got you covered. All of our meals are delivered fresh straight to your doorstep conveniently ready to heat and eat.

Healthy living has never been easier; we do all of the hard work for you.  Even if you're gluten free we’ve got you covered. Order your Lavana Wholefood meals today and get your health back on track.


Vision for the future

We at Lavana Wholefoods are dedicated to creating a world where convenience and health are not mutually exclusive.

We aim to empower people to see the important role nutrition plays in your overall wellness.

For what you put in your body is exactly what you get out of life.

Discover the wonderful world of Lavana Wholefoods and live a complete life.

Jess xx